Acronis Disk Director Server

Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0

Powerful and easy-to-use program for managing server hard drives and partitions
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In today’s world, everything is computerized and a large number of businesses like banks, firms, railways, airways etc. is run on computers. A huge amount of critical information is stored on servers and loss of any single piece of information is not affordable. In order to ensure that the servers are running efficiently, some management tool is needed which can minimize the server downtime and allow users to perform the server maintenance.

Acronis Disk Director Server is the perfect program for your servers. It is a powerful tool which optimizes server's hard disks and minimizes risk of data loss during system crashes. Using Acronis Disk Director Server, you can move, resize, split, and even merge partitions to improve hard drive use and ensure yourself against losses of data. One of the important features of Acronis Disk Director Server is that it enables you to recover deleted or accidentally lost partitions.

Acronis Disk Director Server comes with a disk editor which allows you to make backups or copy important areas of hard drives and extract data which were lost accidentally, or because of viruses or hardware/software failures. It has the capability of working independently from bootable CDs or diskettes and thus enables you to recover partitions even when operating system fails to boot. Acronis Disk Director Server provides users with two modes of operation, ‘Automatic mode’ for non-experienced users and ‘Manual mode’ for advanced users.

Acronis Disk Director Server is easy to use and has a simple, clean, effective and attractive graphical interface. It provides users with a command-line interface and application log to view history of all performed actions. This excellent software with a range of features is free to try.

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  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Provides command-line interface
  • Simple, clean and attractive GUI
  • Allows to recover partitions even when OS fails to boot
  • Logs all actions performed by user
  • Operates in two modes (automatic mode and manual mode)


  • Does not support dynamic disks
  • Not a free tool
  • Requires advanced knowledge of partitions and file systems for disk editing
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